Types of Validation Plans

The following documents are the most common types of validation plan documents:

  1. SVMP – Site Validation Master Plan

  2. VMP – Validation Master Plan

  3. VP – Validation Plan

  4. VPP – Validation Project Plan

So what’s the difference between these 4 documents, why are they sometimes (apparently) used interchangeably? I will try to explain this in an Easy to Understand format. The question is whether this should be a top-down or bottom-up approach.

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Thanks Mr. Graham O’Keefe,

The article was good, in addition to this we can also say that the above defined terms are stair case model of Validation ! [One is deriving from another one]. One can utilize the Top down or bottom up approach [based on scale]

\Validation Plan
\Validation Project Plan

Happy Reading !