Torque Tester-Calibration

Can anyone provide information/ procedure for calibration of a torque tester.

The calibration procedure usually depends on who the manufacturer of the torque tester is. If you have the original torque tester manual they sometime give a basic procedure but in 99% of the cases you will need calibration weights, arms, trays, and a stand which can cost in upwards of $10,000. It is sometimes easier and cheaper to just send it out to a metrology lab. If you want to try to source the calibration procedure check out the link below to
. This company has a pretty good selection of testers and in most cases they can source the manuals for most of the torque testers on the market.

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This data may be useful to u.

A hand operable calibration device for calibrating or re-calibrating a spring type torque tester, the device having first and second partially overlapping members with bearings therebetween to permit relative rotation between the first and second members. The first and second members are provided, respectively, with first and second annular permanent magnets which are spaced apart and which overlap one another to create a magnetic drag of reproducible magnitude against the relative rotation between the first and second members. One of the members is grasped by the jaws of the torque tester that is being calibrated or re-calibrated, a torque is applied to the other member to overcome the magnetic drag against the relative rotation between the members and the level of torque needed to cause relative rotation between the first and second members is compared to the torque reading indicated by the torque tester at the time such relative rotation begins. A third member can be provided to permit selective adjustment in the degree of overlap between the first and second annular permanent magnets to permit the calibration or re-calibration of the torque tester at different torque levels.

Electronics specialise in the servicing and calibration of torque transducers for their own non-contact ranges (Series 420 torque transducers) and reaction torque transducers (Series 410) plus many other commercially available torque sensors. Calibration is normally recommended on an annual basis for continuous sustained and accurate measurement. All calibrations undertaken by Datum Electronics fully adhere to the British Industry Standard BS7882:1997. This standard specifies the requirements for the calibration and classification of a torque measuring device, allowing for a full and verified service and certification, ensuring a complete calibration service for your torque measuring device and display.

Electronics will supply a quote based on the system requirements for calibration and servicing of a torque measuring device. This will include calibration and testing of both the torque transducer and the display system most commonly used with that torque transducer.

The calibration service includes an initial appraisal and bench test of the torque measuring device and instrumentation, before the process of calibration begins. The system will then be calibrated following the guidelines and principles as referred to in BS7882:1997. Once the system has been calibrated, the torque transducer will then be fully serviced and cleaned to ensure that the torque measuring device is fit for its intended use, including any low cost repairs or maintenance procedures which are required.