TOC Standard for conducting a swab recovery experiment

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what standard solution i should use for a recovery experiment for swabing.I have been asked to perform the recovery experiment once in every one year. And where can i find the guidelines regarding this experiment.


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You should use KHP (Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate) standard for TOC method.


you should use Sucrose standard for TOC method
We calibrated our TOC analyzer using KHP and Sucrose standard

In my lab, we used 1,4 benzoquinone (the substance is hard to oxidize that apply for worst case in cleaning validation) for study recovery swab sampling method in TOC. For sucrose, we only used for testing system suitability of TOC analyzer as USP guidance

Sir, can you tell me, how make 1,4 benzoquinone standard?
I plan make some trial using it