TOC in WPU system

By online TOC reading is it possible to find out any pseudomonas growth in WPU system.

No, TOC is non-specific technique, it can’t give any pathogen growth.
Dr. Shahnawaz

its possible but its not precisely tell you what kind of the microbial there. based on your sampling process every day, how many times you do the sanitization for the water system? if too frequent its possible biofilm formation already happen.
i suggest you sanitize your system using ozone to completely kill all the bacteria.

Well In my opinion,

Water is having two type of carbon : 1. POC & 2. NPOC

The TOC methodology can give a rough idea regarding growth in microbial, however limits for these micro…are very stringent that is difficult to predict w.r.t TOC.

Hence separate testing is being carried out by industries…

Happy Reading !

I specifically read some casses about Pseudomonas contaminations in Purified water systems. It was stated that after the UV light there was a increase or surge in conductivity due to some of the metabolites produced by these micro-organisms getting oxidised by UV light.

In most of pseudomonas contaminations there will higher increase of conductivities.
I shall certainly find this article and attach which shall enable our members to read and get a better ideas to deal with such contaminations.