We are running the test of a PQ, must we have to test in each computer where the software are installed?
Or just in a sample numbre of computer?.

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Ávila

If you can prove that each install on each PC is equivalent then you can test on one PC.

You will have to prove the spec on each PC has the minimum requirements and the software on each PC is the same version.

Much easier to do this if its a web app!

I would be very reluctant to go down that road.

We all know that programs can be damaged during downloads.

I would suggest transmitting a test document/form/broadsheet, or carrying out some form of stress testing to verify program integrity and or functionality.

A little verification is always much more preferable than none.

Alex Kennedy

Software testing is performed to check the application, whether it is according to test requirements. His intention is to find software bugs and recitfy them during the development process. Testing is the process of validation and verification that a software application to see according to their business and technical requirements to ensure that it works as expected, was built. The test is done at the following levels