Temperature Mapping Help in ES2000 Stability Chamber

Hey guys, I am a little new at this, so please bear with me. My supervisors want me to OQ an ES2000 Stability Chamber. We generally follow the typical guidelines (24 temp probes evenly distributed in the chamber) and collect the data at the right intervals, etc. However, with this particular chamber, we were hoping to be able to qualify the chamber over a large range of temperatures and relative humidities without having to test every single temperature and relative humidity so that if R&D has a special request for a special temperature/relative humidity, we won’t have to re-OQ the stability chamber. We were thinking about using some kind of linear correlation (so that if the set temperature is 30.6C at 75% RH and 40.3 C at 75% RH, we could just calculate the set temperature of 35 C at 75%C without having to write a separate OQ for it). If anyone has any experience qualifying these machines over large ranges and know what the corporate standard is, could you please let me know?

We had a similar situation, where the chamber was to be used at a variety of setpoints for temperature and relative humidity. We were fortunate enough to have some predefined sets of environmental conditions, and elected to test the unit at the worst case. In my situation, the worst case was the highest and lowest temperature (these settings had no relative humidity specification accompanying them) and also with the highest temperature / lowest humidity combined as well as the lowest temperature / highest humidity. These last two were deemed worst case as they significantly challenge the unit’s ability to humidify/dehumidify air. Bottom line, justify the rationale for your decision and why you deem it to be valid. We did that in a project plan, but you could just as easily include that in the test protocol.