TDS v/s FDS--Complicated!


Any project plan typically follow the path

  1. Planning
  2. Specification
  3. Design
  4. Construction
  5. Testing
  6. Implementation & Acceptance
  7. Maintenance & change Management

The term planning relates with the end user requirment & typical path.

Specification : It is devided in several steps

  1. URS [User requiremnt specification]
  2. TRS [Technical Requirment specification]

Design Specification it is further devided in FDS & TDS followed by DDS. The no. of document generation may be differ at different stages but the overall theme & content for verification will remain same.

Functional design specification mostly deal with the Functional requirement part. DQ is a document which gives an agreement between the User & vendor that URS is accepted with exception (If any)…

Again the concept of Assessment is really helpful to omit any phase of Project…requirement is only one…Technically sound & well documented.

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Can I write a FDS to Quality Control Laboratory? Write about the whole area not just an equipment.

Thank you

How exactly would that work, have you got an corresponding URS?