Swabbing method validation

Can anyone provide me information (source) about Swabbing method validation (Environmental monitoring-Surface Sampling for Viable Particles).
I need to prepare a protocol. If you have a sample of the protocol, it would be a great help for me.

Thanks for advance

Is swabbing for chemical residue or microbe?
you protocol at least includes: Swab wipe and solvent, swabbing size

Thanks for you reply, I mean swabbing test for microbiological monitoring. And what about surface material?

Surface material must represent the product contact surfaces of process equipment, such as material, nature and polishing,


For validating swabbing method for micro first you have to apply 10 - 100 cell suspension of a know organism ( standard strain) on to a clean microbes free surface( the surface can be wiped with 70% IPA) and a 5cm*5cm area of the same surface should be swabbed using a sterile swab and the swab to be dropped in to 10ml letheen broth( cleaning validation) or 10ml scdm broth (for normal surface where we dont use any detergents or cleaning agents) then perform normal pour plate or filtration using the 10ml broth sample based on the recovery we can compare the results with the standard cell suspension population and prove the method

Thanks for the info sharing!
What would be the specification / acceptance criteria for the recovery? Are 3 runs of swabbing method validation sufficient to prove the method is validated?


Acceptance criteria is 70% recovery

Thanks for your answer. Is it better to use mixture of cell suspension of known organisms ( standard strain) or use a strain or some of them? How many swabs should be used for each 25sm2 and finally how many times we should repeat test during validation. Your answer could be a great help for me.