Survey Results

[COLOR="#000000"]4 months back a popular pharma magazine conducted exhaustive survey regarding the priorities that pharma companies focus.
These are some of the results:

When asked to rank their priorities in order of importance, the following weighted priority list took shape:

Improving GMP compliance
Boosting efficiency
Improving product quality
Reducing cycle time
Reducing setup and changeover time
Reducing waste
Improving scaleup
Increasing agility

Top pharmaceutical product quality goals were as follows, ranked in order of importance:

Eliminating variability in final product
Improving raw material quality
Improving supplier oversight
Reducing scrap time

When asked whether their organizations had methods in place to assess the cost of poor quality and noncompliance, over 64% said they did, while the remainder did not.

Respondents ranked their most strategically important Op Ex methods as follows:

Statistical Process Control
Process Capability Analysis
Six Sigma