Supply chain guide from uk

Biopharm manufacturers should hold a volume of buffer stock to ensure it can maintain supply during fluctuations in demand, says UK guidance.

Drug shortages have become a concern in the UK , in part because of the impact of parallel trade on demand. Actions manufacturers, as well as wholesalers, pharmacies and prescribers, can take to mitigate spikes in demand are proposed in UK Department of Health guidance .

Manufacturers should hold “a reasonable volume of buffer stock” to ensure supply during periods of fluctuating demand. Quotas can be used to ensure fair distribution during spikes in demand, says the document, but manufacturers should ensure these are set equitably.

Communication with wholesalers and distributors is also important. Forging a close relationship through appointment of a single point of contact gives both parties and understanding of shifts in product supply and demand.

The benefits of working closely with wholesalers will also be realised if product supplies run out. Contingency arrangements, either working with wholesalers or delivering direct to pharmacies, should be in place to ensure an effective response in the event of running out of stock.

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