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This thread has been created for you to add suggestions about polls you would like to see on our homepage.

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All you have to do is include the poll question and the answers assocaited with the question.


What is your favourite validation discipline?

1. Cleaning Validation
2. Analytical validation
3. Software Validation
4. Equipment Validation
5. Facility Validation

This is all you have to do and we’ll do the rest.

Best of luck!

Hi gokeefe,

I think a question about GAMP 5 can be interesting. Maybe something like

What are you’re thought regarding GAMP 5‎
‎1)‎ Improvement from GAMP 4‎
‎2)‎ GAMP 4 was better‎
‎3)‎ I don’t have it yet but will order it in the near future
‎4)‎ I don’t see any reason to order GAMP5‎


Thanks oded,

Nice poll will include it on the homeapge soon

Thank you