Sterilizing a pH probe in steam sterilizer

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with sterilizing a pH probe in an autoclave? After sterilization it need to be screwed into a disposable bioreactor (see InPro pH probe from mettler toledo: pH Analyzer | In-Line pH Meter | Process pH Meter | ORP Analyzer).

The problem however is that the membrane of the pH probe may dry out during the cycle and thus needs some kind of “reconditioning” afterwards, the vendor told. So, somehow it needs to remain in contact with a liquid (WFI?) during the cycle.

Any input is welcome…

Why sterilise it and not just clean with base, acid and store in a weak base solution? Store in kcl long term. Have worked with lab/pilot and large scale fermentation, reactors and medium require sterilisation. Never Saw pH elektrode sterilised, because they dry out.

Source: LinkedIn Group