Sterilize and washing machine : two in one. What is your idea?

is there anyone who has experience with this machine?

Hello Sasa,
If I rightly understand, your question is about stoppers and seals washing and sterilization machine. Now a days, all companies are using the same machine.
But, if your question is about the garments washing and sterilization machine, I never seen such equipment…

thanks, For rubber stopper yes, I know, but for machine compents do you think is acceptable to have washing and sterilizing all in one?

Hello Sasa,
Still I’m not clear about your query.
If u have a machine which can wash and sterilize the stoppers and seals, u can use it by validating the washing and sterilization cycles individually.
But if u r having a machine which can wash and sterilize the machine parts, I never seen such autoclave. However, you can use the same also by validating the cleaning and sterilization cycles separately.

Veerraju N
nvr.veeru@gmail. Com