Dear Members,

I have three questions

1.If we are using reactors (GLR & SSR)continuosly for more than 10 years , is there any possibility of reduction in thickess of reactors?

  1. If yes , will it affect the quality of product?

3.If Yes, How can we come to know, the quality issue is due to this problem ?



Reduction in thickness of reactors depends on the materials , temperature, pressurse at which it is used and Quality grade of SS you use to fabricate such recators.

Yes, they ware out. This is because of poor maintenance issues and corrosion issues.

After certain years they are not safe to use as they might night with stand certain operating pressures.

Regarding the quality I would say : You must have periodical inspections inside the vessels for any corrosions or cracks or pittings or chippings.

If you do not have such procedures in place , the corrosive solvents and elevated temperatures make the metal pass into the product.

It might contaminate the product and its a serious quality issue both for starting materials and API’s.

To know such issues :

  1. Periodic evaluation of thickness of a Reactor
  2. Periodical checks and inspections after cleaning. (Comparing with older photos from earlier inspections)
  3. Periodic inspections in Joints and welds.
    4.Regular maintenance and cleaning of equipments.
  4. Records detailing the life time of reactor from the purchaser.(Look their mannuals).
    6.Your experience in handling such reactors.(It all depends up on nature of solvents and corrosive agents you use).