SOP Revision

I do not want to chnage in my SOP but due to review date of SOP i have to revise my SOP,is there any procedure that i do not require to change my SOP.

One of my friend suggest that make Stamp of NO change and use in all sop by doing this u do not require to revise the SOP.

Is it correct procedure or not???

We do something similar - if it’s a paper document, I think that a stamp saying “no change” could be used if there is also a name, job title, signature and date which would show the review has been done. Reviewing a document every so often makes sense, but it doensn’t have to change


I suggest; You have select the system of Review period of SOP.

E.g: If your SOP is due on xx/xx/xxxx date but no change you have to put rereview stemp on this SOP by document controller and record it.

Now you can use that for furture review.

Ok dear,

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Its o k to put the stamp of “No change” etc.Now a days its a problem often asked by regulatory auditors. My suggestion is that clearly mention in SOP for SOP that once SOP has been prepared do not mention review date ,whenever review is required it can be changed through procedure otherwise there is no need to open the option for periodic review ,if there is chnge we have to chnge it immediately why we have to wait for review date

R C Pantola