SOP revision date

SOP revision date is 2 year from date of Effective.
If there is no SOP then we are review it and still the same SOP is effective for next 2 years with proper documentation.
it is correct practice?
or we have to revise our SOP after desired review period.

on more query, if in the SOP after this 2 extended year there will be no change then should we made it efficetive for more 2 year?

Hi Nimesh,

If I’m understanding correctly;

If there is no SOP then you will struggle reviewing it.

If you have an SOP and your local practice is to review every two years then that is what you must do. If, following review, you find holes in in the SOP then you will need to upversion, detailing the changes in the version history of the document and approve. If you don’t need to change it you will still need to send it through your approval process to demonstrate it remains fit for purpose and that you have followed your process of two-yearly review. This will make effective the SOP for another two years.

Essentially, if your local process says you must review SOPs every two years then that’s what you do.



Communally we will define SOP revision due date or when SOP revision require and how to revise , in SOP on SOP ,
if you have review period two years , you should revise SOP every two years or whenever Change required in SOP , if no changes in SOP content , as per procedure ( SOP on SOP )you will continue again two years