SOP Numbering System


What kind of SOP numbering system would you recommend for GMP documents?

Dear Misha,

This is unique number given to each SOP. Each SOP number consists of eight characters shall be broken down as follows

( ________ ) ( _______ ) (-) ( _______ )
Dept.Code SOP No. Dash Revision No.
DEPT.CODE : First two characters are an alphabetical indicate the department code as specified in Annxure

For Example : The first SOP of QA department number shall be QA001-00

This can help you.



Thanks nageshadi

My company’s ISO 9001 numbering system is very similar with the one you suggested.

Currently, I’m facing a problem in my company regarding two different formats and types of numbering systems, one for the ISO 9001, and the other for the GMP documents. Therefore I’m looking for the most appropriate way to resolve this problem.
I figured that document control would be much easier with one unified numbering system (e.g. SOP - process code - department code - document number).

The thing that interests me is if there were some standards regarding this issue (numbering systems).