SOP for Equipment Validation - Free Download

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) takes you through the validation process for equipment, from the very early first stages to the final closing stage. It will ensure that your validation is seamless, that the correct documents are raised, approved, executed, reviewed and accepted correctly. It shows how to use validation tools such as the very important matrix control document and equally important risk assessments.

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I think it is a nice gesture but I put in the order got the e-mail with the link, but when I go there I get this “Order Number: 2386
Error opening file: 10000120_SOP_Equipment_Validation.doc”

I would like to read it over and compare it with our current practices. If you or Alex could look into this and help me out I would appreciate it.

For those who are having problems opening the link, please find attached a copy of the SOP for your review.

10000120_SOP_Equipment_Validation_Issue-6.doc (579.5 KB)

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I would like to take a look at this document but keep getting returned to the login page.

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