Software Migration

Hello to all.

First of all, thanks in advance.
We have autoclaves in our factory with old PLCs, and we like to move the PLC and the SCADA to a newest versions of them… Siemens S7 and SCADA Intouch. The autoclaves have an IQ, OQ and all the recipes that we use to sterylize the load (vials, bottles, etc.) are validated.

I need some advice to minimize the effort of the migration validation;

(sorry for my english)

l would take a look at the soon to be published GAMP 5.

Today we are using GAMP 4 i.e. the V model. GAMP 4 which is what is published today is soon to be replaced by GAMP 5 which utilizes newer standards such as ICH Q8, Q9, Q10, PIC/S, ASTM E55; fully understands the business processes; and fully integrates risk management throughout the life cycle. The risk management focuses attention to the Critical to Quality attributes. GAMP 5 also leverages supplier involvement throughout the system life cycle to maximize the knowledge and experience of the supplier to avoid wasted effort and duplication of documentation.