Sodium CMC cleaning procedure

Dear Colleagues, I am in trouble with a problem of cleaning from resdiues of sodium carboxymethylcellulose.
We have noted a blank non-homogeneus wide-spread coated in the equipment facility after cleaning operations with usual detergents we use.

My actual guess is if I could apply an acidic detergents (such as a solution of citric acid, about 2.5 % w/V to remove residues.

Can anyone help me?


Dear SM:

Cleaning “baked on” Sodium CMC on equipment surface is my current project. I did some cleaning exp. @ bech scale and my bench test results suggest that I should use high pH solution cleaning with wetting agent.
Hope this help.

I agree. CMC has carboxyl substituents so it should be more soluble in alkaline media. To increase the cleaning efficiency I would try with higher water temperatures (increases swelling and thus facilitates mechanical removal) and cleaning with an alkaline oxydizer (Sodium Percarbonate [“Oxy-Power”]) reducing the polymer chains by oxydative cleavage.



Thanks to all.