Six sigma certification Institutes

Hello all,

I have been looking to do six sigma certification and i have been looking for institutes offerring six sigma. i found quite a few institutes and i have few querries. I was wanting to take help from forum. please let me know your comments. I live in Bangalore

  1. Benchmark six sigma (3-5 days)
  2. Example Consulting Group (3 days)
  3. KPMG(3 days)
  4. SKIL, Bangalore (18 days)

The first 3 institutes offers the Black belt in 3 - 5 days without any project. Alternatively i can implement the skills aquired from them in my present organization.

The 4th Institute - SKIL, bangalore offers the program in 18 days with project in a manufacturing company.

I have few questions

  1. is it good to do the black belt in short time or long time. will all the syllabus be covered in the short span (in depth)

  2. do any one of you know which institute is beter to do the program (Any good / Bad comments about any institutes).

  3. what is it that we need to look at in terms of the course module??

please feel free to let me know your comments. This will help me to decide and do accordingly. you can also email me at