Requirements for Document Control / Paperless Validation

A group in my company is embarking on a project to put validation document generation, review, approval, and execution in a paperless validation software solution (ValGenesis, if anyone is curious which vendors supply this kind of solution). I have been asked to provide some user requirements on generation, review, approval, and execution. While I would love nothing more than the sense of accomplishment that comes from building these from scratch, I find myself with a critical deficit of free time. I have decided to try to crowdsource some of the requirements elicitation, if possible. Would anyone be interested in posting or privately emailing a sanitized version of requirements that one would expect a system of this kind to fulfill, culled from prior experience of course? For those of you on LinkedIn, you may be seeing similar requests posted in various forums there. I will commit to posting a sanitized final version here for mass consumption if I am successful in soliciting assistance (and maybe even so if I’m not). Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m with you