Requesting recommendation for validation course

If any one is aware of a course or seminar about computer validation in the near future, please recomend.
I am part of the Computer Validation Department in a pharmaceutical plant and I perform Software validation.
I am experienced in this area and want to learn more.
Some prefered subjects may be related to current FDA Auditors policy in auditions and recent warning letters regarding computer validation.

I prefer a course of more then 2 days in Europe or a longer one in USA or Canada.



Hi Gabi;

Exact dates you will need to check with the particular vandor/host. I have found attending conferences to be quite enlightening, since you get perspectives from many in a diverse meeting. A few which come t mnd are : IVT/CBINET. IVT is the Institute of Validation Technology, where twice a year they have a few day to a week long conference focuses on various themes. In August they had one on qualifying cloud computing and the conference coming up shortly is on Comuter Systems Validation, check
… coming up in October in San Diego, CA. There is another in Philadelphia, Pennsylvana on change control. You could also look at
for a wealth of information. Then there is "GMP Training Systems, Inc. They offer a Validation Boot Camp in California and possibly New Jersey or PA (
) their # is 714-289-1233.

I am sure there are more, but this should get you started.