Reference Soultions for Steam Sterilization

What solutions have you seen used in Autoclave/SIP validation. I have seen 50% Glycerol water and Glucose due to specific heat and grativy rationale,

Anyone have rationale for what they would use in autoclave/SIP validation as a reference?


I always place thermocouples into the solution you ultimately intend to autoclave (culture media, buffer, product) and use water to fill the remaining containers to fill the chamber. That’s from my own experience of the products I’ve had to process. I would imagine though that you would need to assess the density/viscosity of the solution you intend to autoclave and simulate it with a suitable solution if you didn’t have the luxury of having actual product to use or had to fill the chamber with something. My experience of viscous solutions is that they must be well mixed and solutes dissolved before you use them as it will give erreneous thermal data.

Hope this helps?