Quality System Process Map - Is this too detailed or not enough detail?

Could I get some professional opinions on my Process map draft? Is this too detailed? or not enough detail?

Thanks in advance.


process map.pdf (36.0 KB)

Since you asked, here’s my (admittedly biased) $.02. Technically I don’t believe it’s a process map. It looks like functional group responsibilities superimposed on the ISO process model with a flow of product realization.

Some of your processes may have the same names as the functional groups, but I dont’ think you’re really identifying your processes (or why would you have two processes named purchasing?). Also, I believe that you may be missing some of your processes that aren’t in product realization.

I would start by identifying the processes of your system and make sure that each is really a process (transforms inputs into outputs). For example, look at the “Management” block in product realization. The process is probably really something like “Order Review.” The primary inputs are sales orders and the outputs are approved orders.

Once you’ve identified the processes, connect the outputs of processes with the inputs of other processes, and you’ll have a process map. There is no need to try to force it onto the ISO process model.

I’d be interested to hear other opinions…

I believe it should look more like your company, not like the ISO process model. I’ve attached an example of one that I think is pretty good.

Sample process map.ppt (40.0 KB)

Here’s another one of interest

pm.doc (53.5 KB)