Can anybody tell is it necessary to qualify the Shifter which is in use. If yes what are the parameters that we need to consider?

no need to qualify, as it is all redy in its functioning.:cool:

To ensure the consistency

If it is new

minimum no (x) batches - measurable quality charecterestics before and after shifting process to be planned (protocol) , studied and reported (Report).
X to be justified - why and how?

If it is in running

Trend analysis - if you have quality charecterestics both before and after sifter- comparison and conclusion with effectiveness of sifting process with consistency.
(It is a strong support)

If you have only the results after sifting - considered Ok to prove the consistency but sifting effectivenss could not be supported.

Hope clear


each and every equipment to be qualify, its must. you have use this equipment in manufacturing process that why you have do the IQ,OQ,PQ.

IQ was you check the following points
Internal Dimensions
Internal Diameter
External Dimensions
External Diameter
Thickness of Bottom shell
Top and Bottom Ring of shell
Vibrating Motor
Motor make
Dust Cover Gasket
Spring locating bush
C- Clamp ,Sieves
Deck Assembly
Utility Details
Equipment connectivity Equipment connectivity is to be checked for Electric connectivity
Equipment Identification Equipment Identification is visible
Earthing The equipment is furnished with proper earthing arrangements.

Operational qualification was to be check the following tests.
Specification and review

Activity /Test procedure On/Off test

  1. Machine should on and Off with operating push button switch. Machine started and Stopped by push button
    2.Test for unbalance Machine should run smooth Smooth run observed
    3.Test for vibration No abnormal vibration No abnormal vibration observed
  2. Test for noise No abnormal noise should be observed No abnormal noise observed


check the performance test.

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