Production Audit Checklist - Generic

Hello, all:

I developed a quick and dirty Production Audit Checklist for some customers of mine recently, and I thought I should share it here. The intent of this is not to be all-inclusive, but to provide some guidance on issues that organizations often have trouble with. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about it.


production_audit_checklist.doc (42.0 KB)

Good stuff, keep on updating

Thanks a lot
Can any body share other Dept. Audit Check lists?

just too simple

I liked the checklist. Do you have other examples?

Nice. Simple, concise, and easy to understand. Looks like you have a template for future reference. Good Job.


You can also check this at the inventory of your village. Tis listed there as:

The checklist needs lot of revison. Anybody has better ones pl forward to

As you said it needs a lot of revision, why cannot you revise and add it here?

Thanks for giving a valuable document

Santosh Kumar