Process Flow Diagrams - Test Script

Hi folks,

I have recently found myself developing test script from an FS document.
Nothing unusal there, I have come to a point in the document where I need to test a process diagram to ensure that each step works correctly in the process.

My question is how do you develop yours templates for this.

At the moment my template has the following for previous tests

Test No (or Process No in this case)
Test Procedure
Acceptance Criteria
Actual Test Result
Acceptance Criteria
Initials and date
Incident Log No

Do you think that it is possible to fit a process flow diagram into this or is their a better way to do this.

I have heard of some people just transferring over the diagram into the test script and ticking each test if it passess.

Just wondering has anyone else go an insight into this.


Even though I am a couple of months late. Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean business process flow scenarios or process flow as in sequence of valves etc?

Hi Stephen,

I meant actual process flow in relation to valves, pressure gagues etc. The decision that was made in the end was to test each step of the flow diagram and highlight each step in green if it passed and red if it failed.

Not the best approach but it did work, as it would have been to difficult to verbalise each step individually.


I am glad the stakeholders were able to reach a compromise. it was surely an interesting way to qualify the system, but it works. thx