PQ- Homogenizer

Dear friends,
Can any one guide me hw to proceed PQ for Homogenizer



I hope you can read english very well.

Rule -1 : We have posted independent blogsā€“so all Biotech and Bioprocess stuff goes there.
Please use that blog.

Secondly: what sort of homogenizer are you looking for

Is it a Frech press
Gaulin Homogenizer

A ball mill homogenizer

There are many homogenizers.Secondly what is your material that is fed:

Bacterial or yeast cells?

What you need to recover? Cell suspension or Inclusion bodies?

With out any information it takes us guessing and I need to load up 100+ pages for you sitting and typing info for you for 10 days.

Please come back with apt info and again post in a right place.

Best of luck.