Personal hygiene and gowning

are males permitted to enter seccondary manufacturing areas with moustache in a non sterile formulation plant.

Moustache and beard must be properly covered even in seconday manufacturing. The reason is any products or materials which are not approved and unwanted either from Biological or Chemical sources are not allowed in final packing.This includes secondary packing.The whole pack including secondary packs should contain only the qualified, approved and traceble materials by both management as per documents submitted during the registration of product.

Covering head and facial hair is an important consideration for prevention of falling them into packing materials which finally may carry over to patient site.This wil trigger a product recall.

Thanks so much. Are moustache covers avalaible.

Yes there are - called “beard snoods” and look like a thin disposable cleanroom hat with elastic loops. You loop the elastic around the ears and wear the cover over the lower half of the face ensuring the 'tache and beard are covered.

As to where you get them - I would approach your cleanroom supplies company in the first instance (or do an internet search!)