Performamces Qualification-temperature & humidity

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hope to you all explain:
they is 2 time monitoring for PQ within morning and afternoon for the temperature and humidity. So now the temperature for afternoon is higher then morning, while for the humidity is morning is higher the the afternoon. So now how i need to explain about this two thing:confused::confused::confused:…

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Dear Angel
this is your HVAC system problem , if u r set the temp. and RH , is must be same as set.if it is increase or decrease it means u have some problem in HVAC system.

Temperature & humidity shall be monitored continuously through-out-the day. You can have datalogger system which will monitor parameters 24 hours & you can record minimum & maximum of the day
Regards, Satish Dange

Hi Angel, please supply more detail. What is the RH and Temp set points, what is the ambient RH and Temp at the time of taking these measurements. The problem could be HVAC related or just a really high RH day that causes the HVAC to respond differently than the normal day to day running.