OQ- High shear RMG- Key functionalities of HMI

I am stuck with the verification of the key functionalities of HMI in the OQ of RMG. Please help!!!

what type of stuck you are in

Please help!!!

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You can write to us in private if you can not share the details in public. infraics@yahoo.com

Or share the actual problem than we can help you.

Following are the key function u can perform while doing OQ of RMG:-

  1. While the top lid is open the RMG should not start.
  2. while the discharge bowl is not in place then the discharge valve of the RMG should not open.
  3. Check the actual RPM of impeller against calibrated techometer.
  4. u can also check all the key function avilable in HMI for actual functioning.

hope this will help u.