Operation Qualification for 8-Trays Vaccum Oven


I’m Fred. I need some information urgently regarding qualification for a Vaccum Oven for drying of granules. Does anyone have any idea where to start, regarding the parameters, how to carry out validation? Accept any idea and information, and appreciate greatly! :slight_smile:

Operational qualification is a testing process that evaluates system startup.
In your case you must start with On and Off of system.
Programming the oven with out trays (Remove the trays) and programme the temperature and monitor that for a praticular time with a calibrated probe.
Placing back the empty trays and carrying out temeperature monitoring for a fixed period of time.
During the next set carrying out with empty trays by opening and closing the door intermitently and monitoring the temperature drop.

In the next phase placing a substance with a know n moisture content and trying to heat and analysing all the parameters.And monitoring heat at various places of oven with the placebo product. You need to carry some sort of heat distribution studies.

Taking the poduct in between and monitoring the moisture content is also a key parameter.

Temperature uniformity, conduction and convection parameters must be monitored.

Try to monitor the fall of temperature and rise of humidity when there is a sudden loss of power.

These are some of the parameters you must look keenly.

Oh mine, thanks a lot Durga Prasad :slight_smile: Appreciate the effort in typing the long response. the answer is awesome :slight_smile:

Yah, as you all know, I’m researching for a major school project and I greatly appreciate all help that is offered. Slight amendment in my project requirements, the oven is now a normal 8-trays drying oven (not vacuum), and I was given twenty temperature probes.

So what’re some potential cold spots in the oven, assuming the heating source is from the bottom. Is the potential cold spots in the oven derived from the movement of the convecvtion current?

regarding your question, there are 2 potiental cold spots in an oven. Firstly, the concers of an oven. Secondly, the trays on that are placed furthest away from the heat source, espcially in a 8 trays oven as trays are stack on top of each other, the flow of heat will be interupted. Also due to the litmited/small gaps inbtween the trays, a layer of air is present. Heat will be trapped in those air layers, causing the heat distrubtion to the top trays to decreases as it rise to the top.


Hi Sonic241

good explanation for cold spots !