One batch per station

Hi Guys,

My background is in IT and I work in a manufacturing environment. I have designed a software application for production tracking which is based on the nothing of having one batch per station. Program has been working for several years without an issue. However I have been asked to update the software to allow for having one batch at multiple stations, so as to improve throughput. Is this considered Good Practice? If not why not?


It is a good thought but there will be serious mixups when you perform this in a multi product facility.Secondly if one station is having a problem then there is a chance for erraneous results.Tracking is important. Tracking is to revent mixups. If your software is giving a scope for mixups it not a right practice. This is totally my personnal view. Some experts here may not agree my view based on their exposure to such systems and also enormous experience they have.Me too look for some more replies. It is very interesting question.