Non conformance and deviation

kindly tell me the diff between non conformance and deviation sop for preparin sop or provide me soft copies of both



This is a bit out of scope for this forum but I’ll give a response.

A non-conformance is, in essence, something that does not meet specifications.

A deviation is typically a non-conformance that is accepted as is.

For example, if you have a part come in that is green but the spec says blue, it is a non-conforming part. If the color is not critical to the overall use of the part, you may choose to accept it anyway as a deviation.

I discourage the dissemination of SOPs - especially if there’s a general lack of understanding indicated. SOPs need to be written to YOUR processes. Using someone else’s often leads to process non-compliance (a very bad thing in the regulated world). You need to understand the regulations and then write the SOPs to meet your business practices. If you run into specific snags, then come back to the forum to ask specific questions / get specific guidance.

Dear Gagan,
Non conformance- Not meeting the laid down specifications
Deviations- [Planned & Unplanned]- Not following the laid down Standard Operating/Testing procedures

Non conformance is failed to meet the systems in any forms like specficiation and procedures that is laid down

Deviations is nothing but meeting the requirement but away from the stipulated documented one.

Deviation: Deviating from std SOP, which may or may not affect the product quality
Non Conformance: Violation of SOP, which will affect product quality