No swab for soap residues needed?

If the soap used in the cleaning process is not identified as hazardous, and none of the ingredients is a hazardous substance. Can we confidently say that we can skip the swab to look for soap residues? Instead we would go with visual acceptance criteria. Something like "rinse until there is no visible soup coming from the parts."
Please give us your opinion on this.

this is the MSDS for Liquinox, the soap used.

Your soap may be non-toxic. But, you need to study its impact on next product, as part of risk assessment.If your soap is inert with your next product, visual acceptance is enough. “rinse until clean” may not be a correct practice since it says that your cleaning procedure is not fit. develop a suitable method with defined rinse volume and cleaning cycles.


VEERRAJU, thank you very much. Yes the procedure will have define the cleaning details and cicles. At the time of the post I hadn’t red completely the MSDS and the soap does have an active ingredient that we must test for it.