Need suggestion on CIP cycle

Hello all

We used to have old purification skid with four filters. and there was combined recirculation route for filter A housing and Filter B housing for 4 minutes. And filter C housing and filter D housing had combined routes for 4 minutes of recirculation. Only difference between two routes is that cleaning solution was going through different filters and remaining path of route is same.

Now, we have modification in our skids and we have defined new routes. So for new cycle we will have 4 different route compared to 2 route in old cycle. Each route will go through a single filter now.

So my question is … If we mimic the old recirculation route time to new route, it means that old cycle had 4 minute on filter A housing and filter B housing so new cycle need to have 4 minute on both route. And same thing for filter C housing and filter D housing, then it will take double time compared to old cycle. So Need your suggestions on what to do to maintain the same /reduce timing on recirculation time. My concern is time for recirculation, dont want to exceed time.

Another question is … suppose i have one path that i used to recirculate(turb flow) cleaning fluid for 5 minute. Now I am thinking to do like fill the path with cleaning fluid and let it be in contact for 3 minute and then get recirculation(turb flow) for 2 minutes. Basically in both senario, Its the same time, but i want your suggestion on which one should have more impact on cleaning.


you can try by using cyanocobalamine to challenge your cleaning process and validate the same. make study in both d ways and find out which one is good.

sorry read cyanocobalamine as riboflavine.