Moveable equipment

We have several items of equipment which are fairly standard and small, and which were purchased on wheels / castors. Typically these perform a vital part of our process, but are mechanically and electrically simple. For a long time, these were installed (and validated) in a single location, but now we are in a phase of moving a lot of equipment around - and these items are being moved as part of that.

We have already developed a simplified process and procedure for moving equipment and then bringing it back into production (we don’t do a full revalidation, but a pre-defined and selective set of validation activities).

However, it’s becoming clear that there would be advantages in validating these items as being moveable so that they may be sited anywhere and moved as frequently as required.

What advice can anyone give me about how to validated equipment as being moveable, and once it is so validated, does that give the production area free range to move them whenever and wherever?



I feel like I’m repeating myself (just made another post with similar content) but what is the risk in moving the equipment? If you can justify that moving the equipment poses no risk to the validation, then you may have a case. Lots of factors to consider including power source, environment, stability, etc.

I would think there would be some things you would always want to verify after a move regardless of the risks so if I were doing it, I wouldn’t completely eliminate revalidation. I would probably have a tidy risk analysis justifying the level of revalidtion performed.