Mixing after coating


After producing a final blend that have 200kg as batch size, we must devide it to 4 sub batches because of pan capacity. (50kg)

My question is, can we mix the sub batches obtained into one finished product batch??

Thanks for your responses



Yes, we can manufatured batches in numbers of lots but final mixing of all lots will be done in single blender or vessel only with lubricants.

What do you think about mixing sub batches before coating.
Consideribg that there is different coating solution for each sub batch

Yes, as your concern there issue of capacity of equipment, that’s why you create a one batch by number of lots and that all mixed together.

May I know that batch is of pellet or tablet? Becausein case of tablets we mixed the lots at lubrication of final blend before compression. And whole batch can be compressed at once. Now problem with coaters capacity, now we can divide that one batch into different lots for coating. Same thing we can appy on dispensing process. But this all process should be validated first.