Material of the grinder in Colloid Mill

During the DQ phase of purchasing a set of colloid mill, we are alerted that the material being used in the grinder is made of tungsten carbide, not stainless steel 316.

Since the colloid mill is designed to grind the raw materials with purified water and pumped to a liquid mixer, I would like to know whether it is acceptable to use tungsten carbide? Our supplier said stainless steel is too soft to grind materials, easily scratched and high risk to have metal pieces fallen out. They strongly recommend to use tungsten carbide.

Many thanks for your advice!

I am not an expert for materials but they are right. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and from technical point of view much better material for your mill. I know that Tungsten Carbide (WC) is also material for surgical instruments (graspers, scissors, cutters, cautery) used for open body surgery. So in my opinion WC should be acceptable for food and pharma as well.