MACO Formula

May i know which is the latest formula for calculating the MACO Value which includes contact surface area.?
During MACO Calculation we have to take a single equipment surface area or total surface area of all equipments area?

we are using 5 cepha molecules i.e ,Ceftriaxone,Cefotaxime, cefepime , cefaxolin , ceftazidime cefuroxime All 5 molecules having 1gm strength and Daily Dose including same physical properties.Please advice how to identify the worst case scenario.

What is the safety factor for parenterals.( specially in this case )

In the above matrix, the less soluble High potent Active cam be considerd for Worst case.
Safety factor for Parenterals shall be 1/10000.

Dear Mr. Arun thanks for reply,here all the molecules are freely soluble in water and the potency is almost same. please advice.

fine, in this case you can see the worst case with respect to LD50. you can take it as worst case.