Logic of the following comment

please explain me the logic of the following thing

our company purchased heparine sodium 7000 mega with the potency of 150 iu/mg on asis basis
when the supplier was asked about this low potency he told even though the potency is low we are providing you excess material which will compensate the low potency of the material.
and also during filling their was frequent choking of the membrane filter what can be the cause of this
please tell me how much kg will be in 7000 mega of the material

[COLOR=“blue”]1 MEGA = 1 MILLION = 1000000
1 UNIT OF HEPARIN = 1 HOWELL UNIT CONTAINS 0.002mg pure Heparin.
1000000 x 0.002= 2000 mg
7000mega units x2000mg= 14000000mg
1gram = 1000mg
= 14000 grams
1kg = 1000 grams
total Heparin supllied = 14000/1000 = 14 kg[/color]

[b]I calculated just based on logic. I think you have to reconfirm based on specific activity also which is now totally unknown to me about your product. You can ask your suppllier.

I request you to confirm me back about this calculation

Alternate calculation based on 7000 Mega with potency 150iu/mg

[COLOR=“darkred”]Each iu = 150/1000 micrograms = 0.15mg
1 iu is present in 0.15mg
1000000 iu (One Million units) is present in =150000 milligrams
7000 Mega i.u is present in = 150000 x 7000 =1050000000 milligrams
=1050000 grams
=1050 kilograms

I think this way its too much of Heparin Sodium active material.

Explanation from my Collegue:

[COLOR=“purple”][b]IU (international Units) refers to the activity or potency of a product. For example, if a certain type of heparin has an activity of 100 IU/mg, then you need 100000 units to have one gram of heparin. However, batches of the same product often have different activities -within certain ranges- and the same type of heparin may have an activity of 110 IU/mg or 98IU/mg, so you would need more or less product to make one gram.

7000 Mega = 7000 x 1000000 =700000000

The potency as per above is 150iu/mg
100000 units is present in = 0.667 grams

So 700000000 is present in 4.669 kg[/b][/color]