Logging into a validated computer system from a home based personal computer

What systems should be put into place when employees use their personal computers to log into a validated computer system to access a web-based software program? The on-site computer system has been validated but don’t know how to handle the equipment and security issues that arise from logging into the software from home on personal computers.

Thanks for any and all imput!


Access onto a validated system can be put into execution via vpn connection.

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The only problem that I could forsee with logging onto a company network from a personal PC is that the personal PC could then be liable to the company’s IT rules. It would then be unsuable for “typical” family use.

I had this issue as a contractor when the company I was working at was being slow at providing me with a company PC account, so I had to work off my laptop and email the documents I was working on to the person I was working for. The IT manager suggested that I plug my laptop into the network, BUT my personal laptop would then be subject the the companies IT rules regarding downloading and using “unauthorised” software (any software on my laptop which was not used by the company was regarded as unauthorised), use of the internet and use of email. I wasn’t prepared to let them restrict the way I used my laptop, so said no.

That is not such a big problem, if you use profiles to log in. To log on to the company network, you probably havt to log on to a company domain. For private use, you do not have to do this, you can use your private account and profile.