Larg volume parentrals

This my first post and i greatly appreciate if you help me as i am going to make cleaning validation fro parenteral solution line
the problem is the maximum dose of drug B could not be determined as u know in parentral saline or ringer or any other the patient may take from 100 ml up to 3000 ml according to his condition
second point will i take the samples after CIP or wait after

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you can take the reference from

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is any one have referance to 10 ppm limit in cleaning validation

Dear mohamedeissa75,

the 10-ppm limit is a default limit for the accepted contamination of a batch of product with the contaminating chemical entity. It is mentioned in one of the first guidance issued on he topic:

One purpose of this limit is to avoid unreasonably high limits of contaminant derived from the mathematical calculation using the dosage criterion. Current practice is to calculate the limit with the dosage criterion, compare with the 10 ppm limit, and take the lower of both.

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