Laptop for API

Hello everyone,

We are about to implement a MES to our plant.

Our plant is an API plant so if we use a MES what are our options.

Is there a specific laptop that we can use so it is spark proof and

will be suitable for such an environment?

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i am not sure about lap tops

but i am sure that internesincally safe dek tops are availbael for such



I have seen people using Laptops during packing of final dosage forms and Food products. These are attached to the packing machine or having an interface with machine which is situated at a distance.
Laptops and or Tablets are not justified in area where containment is a key and cross contamination is looked as a serious threat.
As Mr.Sanjeev suggested a Stable and Safe desk top is always adviced.
You may have good touch screens too which can be easily cleanable and you can access your BMR & BPRs on those screens.
Mr.Graham is having first hand knowledge about this systems as he is working closely with Kneat validation team.
You can contact Graham and know many things or you might request to put a note right here as an attachment or as an article where our members and visitors can see and understand.
This is very good question you have put.
Have a great day.