Kaye Validator Thermocouple Fluctuation

Hi All

I have setup a Kaye Validator with Kapton type ‘t’ thermocouples to perform some validation work on a Oven. The thermocouples are not stabilized and are fluctuating between 10-30c in atmospheric conditions and within a temperature block.

We have tried changing the SIMs and are still seeing the same issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Dear Inc Validation,

Did you carry out calibartion of the thermocouples and the SIM with IRTD? Was there no any problem in calibration step?
And, all thermocouples have same problem in a validator?
Validator is very accurate instrument. I think that you have to consider discontinue of the thermocouple.


the problem is with measurment equipment. Check is there any contact of Kaye validator with water. Water can input the thermocouples from the autoclave chamber and instead to go out from thermocouples , can make a problem in Validator. Another reason is strong electromagnetic field caused by some electro equipment near the Validator.

please enure

  1. check for the grounding of equipemtns/valdiator

  2. check for the proper rated power supply

  3. Check whether and air flwo /air stream with cool air is interepting the area

  4. check whether probes are properly inserted or not



Hi All

Thanks very much for your input on this!

It looks as if the measurement board has gone. The validator was removed from the area, grounded and tested with different thermocouples all to no avail. Even with empty SIMs in it the fluctuations continue to happen, back to Kaye for repair I think.

Thanks again for all your Help!

Kaye Validator is computer which calculate data from temperature transmiter, so as the regular computer board it has similiar problems. We had the same problem with board and Kaye have been repaired the equipment.