Kaye validator or Fluke data logger

I’m purchasing a new data logger. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with either or both of Kaye validator and Fluke 2680A data logger that can tell me if one has any benefits over the other? Thanks.

I have used Kaye Validator & I don’t know much about Fluke.
Kaye validator is reilable one and and being used by reputed pharma organizations.


The GE Kaye Validator is basically the standard used in most Pharma and BioPharm companies today. Very easy to use and most companies already have in house SOP’s and work instructions for how they want to use the system.

One key point about the Kaye in its favour is its data security to meet the requirements of 21 CFR part 11 for electronic records.

I have no experience with other data recorders - does the Fluke (or any other “general” data recorder) have data security, passwords etc?

You could get away with a paper recorder (which does not store the data), but who fancies trying to interpret the data from a chart recorder or a long printout of numbers!