Is it valid to validate a spreadsheet's formulas with a calculator


I have to validate lots of spreadsheets at work, but I’m not sure if I can use a calculator in order to validate the formulas in a spreadsheet or I have to do it manually, or I don’t know if the calculator has to be validated.

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While performing spreadsheet validation, this is a common practices across indutry to verify the calculation. It can be done in two ways 1. Manually 2. With help of calculating device

  1. Mnaually ;
    In case of manual calculation all raw calculation sheets need to be preserved with the validation data.
    Ensure the rounding off will not be a culprit for significant value difference during manual calculation.

  2. Calculating Device:
    Device must be pre-qualified.
    Qualification documents should be available readily.
    Mention reference of these documents in your validation docket.
    Validation Calculation values should be under the capacity of calculation device.

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