How to carry out the iQ,OQ & PQ for the autotitrator ?

Dear vishwesh
Basic theme of IQ, OQ and PQ is the same for all instruments, you need to go through the operating manual and evalute IQ, this assures that the Instrument is installed properly and the supporting utilities are provided. OQ establishes that instrument is working consistently according to the predetermined specifications and finally PQ addresses the functional requirement as per defined specification. Anyways email me the specification, i ll see that and suggest you parameters to attempt.

Specifications - T50 Titrator (meteller tolledo)
Number of burette drives
T50 - 1 internal +3 external (optional, for dosing only)
End point titration very suitable
EQP titration very suitable
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration very suitable
KF Titration suitable
pH-stat very suitable
Sample changer option Rondolino, Rondo
GLP conform printout yes
Connection to Printer USB printers (PCL)
Connection to Barcode Reader yes (USB)
User guidance Learn titration, online help
Password Protection user manager / user rights
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese
Flexible method creation standard flexibility
Task list (number of tasks) no
One Click Titration™ Short Cuts max. 12 per user
Hot Plug and Play yes
Automatic burette recognition yes
Sensor boards max.1
Series sequences no
Plug&Play Sensors yes

Well dear!! I can guide you how to prepare a protocol and what to cover in each Q. Infact you should know and establish the instrument installation requirements, operating functions and control functions.
For example in IQ you need to cover and verify the followings
a.Equipment identification
b.Manufacturers Manuals and Drawings
c.Standard Operating Procedures
d.Utilities requirement
e.Major component specification
f.Component material
g.Safety feature

For OQ, you have to check that instrument could operate within specified tolerances and limits. For example you can tabulate test functions, expeted results and observations. here you will check and verify The system’s set points, control sequences, and operating parameters E.g.

Test Function Expected Result Observation
On Switch When the On switch pressed
the Autotitrator is initialized

For PQ, instrument is subjected on rigorous testing and checked for the effectiveness and reproducibility.