IQ for Web Application

Hi All,

I am currently developing a IQ protcol for a web based application.

What are the critical intems that I should be testing.

So far I have the following:

  1. Server Qualification (Where the application is stored)
  2. Minimum PC Requirements (I know the most important thing is the browser this is probably standard I’d imagine)
  3. Hardware Installation (I guess Server Qualification will suffice for this)
  4. System Maintenance (Again server maintenance is the only thing I can think of here)
  5. Documentation Verfification
  6. Software master and version verification
  7. Network connection verification
  8. Database Integrity

Any help would be great


Does the web app have an underlying database? I would think its does, in that case you’ll need an IQ for installing the database and any necessary patches, along with a web app IQ that details how it connects to the database.

Yes it does,

I was going to inclde that as part of the database testing, ensuring at the start of testing that I am working on the Validation database and then when testing is complete ensuring that the application has cut over to the production database correctly.

addition to database installation qualification, do you think the initial data(so called static data, relevant to the business background) should be verified or not? and the initial data inputting(manually or by toolkit) should be verfified or not?

Yes, this data needs to be verified from a quality perspective, no point in validating a system to have un-validated data entered.

I have always taken this approach in the past, if there is a lot of data pool resources together and review in groups…this will speed up the process and it also makes it easier.